Logitech K810 Bluetooth Illuminated Keyboard

I’m a little surprised that I’m actually writing a post about a keyboard. I love toys and gadgets just as much as anyone, but really? A keyboard? Well the Logitech K810 is surprisingly good. In fact it kind of makes working fun. I bought mine from Amazon.com My Setup I use 2 computers at work… Continue Reading »

How To Network At A Conference

As I’m starting to get ready for SXSW this year, I thought I’d take a minute to share a few thoughts on conferences as I begin panning. Conferences and networking go hand in hand. I’ve made some mistakes in the past in this area and I want to share these ideas as I’m getting ready… Continue Reading »

Gmail Filters Revisited

Just merely one day after I wrote the article on email bankruptcy and applied the filters that gmail offers – I want to give you an update and some more tips on controlling your email and keeping things from getting out of hand. Gmail filters are insanely useful. Gmail Filters When I wrote the last… Continue Reading »

Email Bankruptcy Control With Gmail

Email Bankruptcy is a recently coined term. Unfortunately we’re hearing it quite a bit these days. Basically it just means deleting all of your email and putting an auto-responder on your account saying you couldn’t deal with it all, sorry – send your message again if it was important. This not only looks really unprofessional,… Continue Reading »

Twitter Text Messaging

Getting The Most Out Of Twitter Text Messaging I’d like to share some techniques I’ve started using with Twitter which have allowed me to make social media more useful. Twitter is an interesting social media model because its not dependent on being a website. You can certainly use the website, but Tweets can be received… Continue Reading »

Starting From Nothing – How Ideas Work

I’ve always been fascinated finding out where ideas come from. Ideas come in all sizes and in varying degrees of success, but ideas seem to be like the used bookstore. If you’re looking for something they never have it. When you’re just browsing you soon have more in the basket than you can afford or… Continue Reading »

Here We Go!

Hey everyone welcome to the site! Focusing Work is a project I’ve been thinking about most of the year. Since today is the last day of the year I figured I’d go ahead and go live. So what on earth is Focusing Work? It is a blog where we talk about all things related to… Continue Reading »